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Comparison for maruti vitara brezza & hundai creta


Yesterday my one friend was want to buy maruti vitara brezza but he was very much confused to take the decision to buy it so he asked to me which car he has to buy or we should go for comparison for brezza and hunadai creta. then i decide to post this information for all other people who are eagerly want to buy creta or brezza. first we noticed that there is big difference of cost between these two cars but if you are able to invest around 8 to 10 lakhs then there is no matter to not to buy creta.

  1. Why should we buy creta as compare of maruti vitara brezza?
    Answer – Creta has 1591 cc petrol engine as compare of brezza has only 1248 cc diesel engine capacity. creta has very strong deal of investment in more force generated engine to provide you best pickup as well as race speed also. accorinding to comparison creta has give a strong strength to the car to climb on mountain also very easily and feel of SUV power to manipulate with brezaa low price range.
  2. No doubt brezza has very strong and beautiful desire look which are adorable to have it. but after getting review of most people who has bought it, they said that its is not so much comfortable to sit on brezza back seats and feels that you are travelling in auto rather then a car. brezza does not support very much comfort level as per other maruti car . if you do comparison for comfortableness then creta will win the race at this serviceĀ also.
  3. Brezza has second good advantage of mileage at comparison of creta. In india milage is the one of among all other car issues to buy. when we think for very long period investment then car mileage matter a lot. brezaa gives 24 kmpl meilage as well as creta gives only 15 kmpl. if the buyer is not reach from heart then brezza is very good deal as comparison of creta.

We have include a detail of

brezza creta comparison with other car

brezza creta comparison with other car

so have a look on it also.


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