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Top Selling Cars India

Which are top most selling car in India till now July 2016

Quest – Which are the top most selling car in India now at 6 july 2016?

Ans – At doing more deep survey and finding the top selling list of car now at 6 July 2016 these car are most favourable right now to buy.

1. Maruti Alto  – Yes, as always Maruti Alto is holding one position of top selling car in India. Every one know that it is very fuel efficient, has very low maintenance charges, and very strong resell value car. Alto is also coming in CNG version so it had now more 4 star in his story.  Ooh sorry i forget to tell you it has very strong AC for ever which you can not get even in mercedes, BMW or audi also. Car price start from 2.57 lakh to 3.87 lakh. But the lower price rate version does not have power staring and power window option.

Alto car price india Maruti alto 800 Price – whatch video bellow

2. Maruti swift Dzire – Every one knows that in India Maruti has a lot of service centres so deferentially people love to buy a car which company has all around services centre facilities. Swift Dzire is now holding as long as second position to most selling car specially in diesel version variant car is the top one. Swift Dzire also give a good millage in diesel and it has very very strong resell value in market so most of people want to buy it for long term investment also because if they want to sell their car then Dzire can be sold very quick and any where in India. The automaker company Maruti has sold around  19,202 in month of July 2016 itself. Maruti has also included the AMT unit (Automated Manual Transmission) in the car so the car is now become much more valuable.

Swift Dzire top most selling car 2016

Swift Dzire top most selling car 2016




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