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Say hello to the Nissan Micra Active

The Nissan Micra Active is one of the first cars in the hatchback segment which delivers a rare combination of performance and power and yet, is not heavy on your pocket. It’s a globe-trotting city car that packs a big punch and is your ideal companion on the road. Turn heads and get ready to roll in sync with your city!

Sports Bumper

The new Micra Active comes with a perfect balance of aerodynamics and style which is reflected in its new sporty bumper. Whether you’re cruising down the neighbourhood or speeding up on the highway, the robust bumper is one front-end accessory which can never go unnoticed.



City traffic is unpredictable. And you never know when you’ll have to hit the brakes hard. The Anti-Braking System and the brake assist help prevent your wheels from locking up under hard braking by rapidly pulsing the brakes to give you a surer foothold. Your vehicle will be under your command. Always.


For your safety, we have loaded the Micra with driver and passenger front air bags which provide enhanced side protection for both. Be rest assured when kicking up some dirt.

  • Active White
  • Active Aqua
  • Active Black
  • Active Red
  • Active Blue
  • Active Grey